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with data-driven tools.

7 Data Types
Pricebook Manages for HVAC Dealers

Supporting your team.
Before, during and after the sale.

“3-option proposal by hand; 20 minutes.
3-option Pricebook proposal; 10 seconds.”

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Only Pricebook offers the equipment data management, time recovery tools, and sales growth platform under one unified solution for true revenue growth for HVAC dealers.

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Pricebook manages all your HVAC equipment data for you - ensuring you are always up-to-date on AHRI certified systems and equipment info, rebates, finance plans and more, with none of the hassle.

“Pricebook has really helped simplify things for us.”

“3-option proposal by hand: 20 minutes.
3-option Pricebook proposal; 10 seconds.”

“Our closing rates reached 85% this past month
while using Pricebook.”

“We killed it last year. The sales guys love it.
They can create a proposal in 5 minutes
- with consistent pricing.”

“It’s just easy to use. We really like the
work order feature and being able to hand our
installers one document with equipment and notes.”

“Our sales guys love how quickly they can add a proposal option.
If customers ask ‘Do you have something cheaper?’,
we can turn on an economy option -
or 'Do you have something better?' we add on a 20V.
Very easy to edit and navigate.”

“Our first sale using Pricebook was to a military family
with a member on deployment. We were able to
close the deal with him in Africa - all using the
online features. He literally signed the
sales agreement from half a world away.”

“PB+ is easy to use. The possibilities are
endless - especially with the services.
Love the program!”

“Really pleased with the program.
In fact, using Pricebook has enabled us to
upsell more frequently. We have sold a couple of
variable speed jobs just by adding the ‘Better’ option.
Homeowners want to know their options.”

“Pricebook is good, but they way
you support us is great!"

“I can’t tell you how much the software has
improved my efficiency, even just using those little
workarounds your team has helped me with.
Many thanks for all your hard work!”

Pricebook PlusFor Dealers

Pricebook Plus is your in-home selling solution for HVAC systems and equipment which improves and accelerates every aspect of a dealer's sales workflow, driving substantial increases in revenue as well as customer satisfaction.
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Pricebook CatalogFor Distributors

Pricebook Catalog is your comprehensive wholesale pricebook and sales resource guide for dealers, driven by a web app that puts complete configuration and pricing control at your fingertips.
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Pricebook DataSourceFor Everyone

Pricebook DataSource is our industry-leading data service which powers each of Pricebook's software packages, taking the pain and frustration of managing HVAC equipment data off your plate.
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Pricebook Supports all of these Major HVAC Brands:

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About Pricebook Digital

Our Approach

We take a complete channel approach to the residential HVAC market - working closely with industry manufacturers and distributors to provide better service and information to the dealer and consumer markets.

Our Perspective

We understand supply chain, and our system design is responsive to those needs. Pricebook was built from the start to be cloud-based, and uses the latest web and mobile practices, tools and technologies.

Our Investment

We’ve committed to software design - for solutions that consider the complete distribution channel, for the usability of our products, and in the presentation of information that leads the consumer to the right decision.