Showing Pricebook on a laptop to a homeowner.Pricebook Core

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from Lead Management to Order Placement & More.

Complete In-Home
Selling Solution for the Dealer

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with the Proposal ‘Show Page’.

Build your best presentation on our core platform. Start with PricebookCore.

Present and sell with Pricebook's essential tools and features to build better customer relationships.

Pricebook Core provides HVAC dealers with an effective and efficient entry into interactive presentation and selling practices.

With standard system configurations, equipment data, and proven workflows out-of-the-box, PricebookCore enables you to improve your sales workflow and start selling better from day one.

  • Present as Many Best/Better/Good Options as Needed

  • Proposals Viewable via Dynamic Webpage

  • Proposals Activated, Edited, Deactivated via Cloud

  • Responsive Web App Interface

  • Pricebook Plus - Cookbook Pricing for Multiple Consumer Needs

  • Generate Proposals by Market Segment

  • Variable Pricing by Proposal Option

  • Equipment Pricing Updated Automatically

  • Online Buying Process Gives Homeowners Control

  • Present Manufacturer Incentives & Financing

  • Lead-Tracking Features (CRM) Provided